Each semester, you are free to choose from a large variety of classes within the Q+ course offerings. You decide which Q+ courses or open JGU courses you want to take. You can choose as many courses as you like, or take a break for the semester.

Graduating from the Q+ Study Program requires a workload of at least 600 hours (equivalent to 20 ECTS). Among these, you are required to take at least two Q+courses, one of which must be from the core area “Knowledge and Scholarship.” These courses are specially marked in the Q+ course listings.

Please note that participation in your chosen courses is mandatory.

After fulfilling the workload of at least 600 hours, you will receive a certificate for the successful completion of Study Program Q+.

You have the option of earning an advanced certificate by completing 300 additional hours within the Q+ program.

In case you do not reach the required workload for graduation, we will be glad to issue a certificate of participation.

On request, you may receive credits as per ECTS User Guide (1 credit for 30 hours workload).