International Partnerships

Since 2023, the Q+ program has also opened up an international perspective for students. Q+ has established contacts and partnerships with the German Institute for Japanese Studies in Tokyo/Japan and Kyushu University in Fukuoka/Japan.

Since the beginning of the cooperation with the German Institute for Japanese Studies and Kyushu University, joint online events and academic and student exchanges have been offered on a regular basis. International relations will be further expanded in the coming years. Are you interested in going to Japan with Q+? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help and support you!

Are you a student at Kyushu University interested in going to JGU Mainz? Find essential information here.

  • Kyushu University
    Kyushu University, also known as Kyushu Daigaku, is one of the six "Imperial Universities" and one of the most prestigious state universities in Japan. Here, Q+ cooperates with the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation. The School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation at Kyushu University (ISI) was founded in 2018 and pursues a similar focus in undergraduate education as the Q+ program and is its ideal Japanese partner. Prof. Dr. Masahiko Kaburagi, Vice President of Kyushu University:
    "ISI aims to recreate undergraduate education. We want each of our students to choose problems from around the world and work at finding solutions to them, using skills learned from multiple fields, breaking down the walls between the arts and sciences. Our goal is to cultivate individuals to be powerful and intelligent, who can work on the various complex problems faced by humankind in our ever-changing world. Today, we can’t simply cling to the traditional disciplines. Instead, students need to go beyond them according to each person’s awareness of issues and understandings of problems, to discover new knowledge and values in new fields, forged by creative intertwining of multiple fields."


The Q+ team is responsible for all information on the content offered by the Japanese partners (Kyushu University, German Institute for Japanese Studies). Q+ nominates interested students for the partner university and provides information on the study program in Japan. A study visit to Japan is possible for one or two semesters, depending on your wishes and plans for your studies. Please contact the Q+ team.

  • The Department of International Affairs is a good source of information for all basic, organizational and financial questions about a stay abroad and has a number of links to scholarships on its website. Information from the International Office can be found at:


  • Financing a Stay Abroad
    1. The PROMOS Program
    JGU Mainz participates in PROMOS ("Program to Increase the Mobility of German Students") and accepts applications for the individual funding lines. The scholarships for studying abroad are awarded in a quality-oriented selection process carried out by JGU and are intended for stays abroad of up to six months. Scholarships are awarded in accordance with the DAAD funding guidelines. The application deadline depends on the desired study stay in Japan. For study visits for the winter semester, the application deadline is March 31 of the same year, and for visits beginning in the summer semester, the application deadline is October 31 of the previous year.
    2. Annual Scholarships of the DAAD
    The DAAD offers annual scholarships for 2-semester stays abroad for students (Bachelor's and Master's programs, or state exam and older degree programs). The application for the scholarship and selection takes place directly at the DAAD in Bonn.
    Application deadline: February 29, 2024
    Selection date in June for funding to start from July/August/September/October 2024 or from February/March/April 2025 (depending on the start of the semester in the respective host country)
    3. Internships in Japan
    There is also the possibility of completing internships in Japan. If you are interested, these can also be financed via an ERASMUS scholarship after consultation with the Q+ team. The ERASMUS program also provides partial funding for internships in countries outside Europe:


  • Course Selection
    Courses can be chosen freely at the Japanese partner university. This can be done purely according to interest, as topics are offered there that may not be available at JGU. In addition, it may be useful to take some courses at the Japanese partner institutions that are also relevant to your respective field of study at JGU.


  • Recognition of Achievements from Abroad
    Courses successfully completed at the Japanese host university can be recognized as credit points within the Q+ program. It is also possible to have courses from a particular discipline or subject recognized in the corresponding course of study. It is advisable to discuss the selected courses at the Japanese host institution with the Q+ team and, if necessary, with the study office of your subject before your stay abroad. Details on recognition in the subject after returning from abroad can be found here:

The application to the host university in Japan is made in consultation with the Q+ team and the respective study program. There you will also receive all important information about the application documents and application deadlines, and you will be officially nominated by the Q+ program in Japan. Important information about the exchange with Kyushu University and the application process can be found here:

In addition to the application in Japan, the financing of your stay abroad should also be well planned. As Kyushu University is a partner university of Q+, you do not need to pay tuition fees in Japan and will be nominated for a free place. You can apply for a scholarship to finance your living costs and flight, for which a further application procedure with its own deadlines must be observed (see above under Financing).

Testimonials from alumni are a valuable source that is helpful when preparing for a stay abroad. You can download reports from alumni here (in German):