All students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the JGU (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, State Examination, etc) whose Q+ applications are accepted for admission.

You participate in Q+ during your normal studies at the JGU (beginning in the third semester, up through your final semester of studies for your Master’s degree). You can attend as many Q+ courses per semester as you wish. The length of your participation is therefore up to you.

Yes. You can put your studies with Q+ on “pause” for one or two semesters. You don’t have to reapply after taking this leave, but please do let us know of your plans beforehand.

So long as you are not unable to fulfill your academic obligations due to illness, parental responsibilities, family responsibilities, pregnancy, an academic-related stay abroad, an internship, or because you are working on your Bachelor’s thesis, the requirement to remain in the Q+ Program is that you successfully attend at least one Q+ course during each of two consecutive semesters.

No. Because Q+ is an add-on to your normal degree program, the credit points that count are only the ones that are listed in our program schedule.

Yes, if this course was not counted towards your regular degree program and if you arranged for this in advance with the Q+ Team.

In order to successfully participate in a course, you should be present at least 80% of the time. It is at the instructor’s discretion to determine whether you successfully passed a course despite absences.

With Q+, you have the freedom to conceptualize and offer your own courses. If you have an idea, please do get in touch with us.

The Q+Team is always happy to help – whether in person, by email, or telephone. Just get in touch! We also put on regular Q+Salons – events where students get together and exchange ideas. If you’re interested in learning more, drop us a line.