Students enrolled at JGU with undergraduate and advanced academic standing (Bachelor, Master, State Exam, etc.) who are in the second semester of studies or higher at the time of application are welcome to apply.

The Q+ community consists of open-minded, curious, motivated, critically thinking and socially conscious people from all academic disciplines, who take an active role in shaping our program. To this end, we need commitment between all participating students and instructors, so that we can research key issues together. The application to Q+ takes some effort, but it allows us to assess the applicant’s motivation, which is crucial for regular participation in Q+. Both students and instructors value the commitment and reliability of the Q+ community.

Furthermore, as a small program with limited staff and resources, we are only able to manage a limited number of participants.

  • Application form
  • Transcript(s) of previously completed academic studies
  • Proof of general qualification for university entrance
  • Certificate(s) of previously completed academic degree program(s) (if applicable)
  • Recommendation form (when possible)


Application form (PDF): (in German): Includes personal information, highlights from your curriculum vitae, and your statement of purpose.


Transcript: The transcript of grades is issued by the Studienbüro [administration office of your home degree program] and/or is requested by the Q+ team. The particular form used depends on the degree program.

  • For those pursuing a B.ed. or M.ed.: The Q+ team will request a transcript from the Hochschulprüfungsamt für das Lehramt [Office for the Examination of Teachers]. To do this, the Q+ team needs a completed consent form from you.
  • For all other degree programs: Students should request a complete transcript to be issued by the Studienbüro [administration office] of their major (including number of attempts).

If the Studienbüro needs an extended period of time to issue the transcript, it can be submitted at a later date.


Proof of general qualification for university studies: High-school diploma/A-Levels and transcript (scanned copy is ok).


Proof of previously completed university-level degree program(s): e.g. Bachelor’s degree certificate/diploma (scanned copy is ok).


Recommendation form:(PDF): It is recommended that you include a letter of reference from an instructor at JGU (or another university) with your application. Instructors fill out the recommendation form and send it directly back to us at Q+. Please be sure to make arrangements with your instructors in advance, before sending them the recommendation form.

If you have not had any direct contact with instructors because you, for instance, have only attended large lectures, you can skip this step.


Please send all application materials as a single PDF file by email to


NOTE: By submitting your application, you expressly confirm that you acknowledge and accept the data privacy policy entailed by this application

Q+ students come from all faculties of JGU and possess a wide range of different skills and abilities. Due to the high diversity of the students, a comprehensive application procedure drawing on several different documents is a necessity.

  • In your statement of purpose, you get to tell us what interests you about Q+. But don’t worry! This isn’t about perfect phrasing and writing style.
  • The transcript allows us to assess how well you are doing in your studies and how stable your progress is. Q+ is not supposed to distract from your main course of study, but to supplement it in a productive manner. You do not need exceptional grades to join Q+.
  • With the recommendation form, an instructor’s personal assessment can help us find out whether or not Q+ is a good match for you. We are aware that some students have not yet had the opportunity to establish personal contact with instructors. In some courses of study, the first semesters only consist of lectures, precluding personal contact. Therefore, recommendations are optional.
  • Further qualifications and experiences listed on your application form, such as volunteer work and foreign exchanges are likewise optional. Not everyone has the time and resources for volunteer work or exchanges.

Using these documents and references, we strive to assemble an overall impression of each applicant, giving everyone a chance to showcase their abilities and experiences. For the Q+ selection committee, it is essential to get a sense of your personality and your individual strengths to decide if you would profit from joining Q+.

Q+ is open to motivated and creative students with strong critical-thinking skills and academic backgrounds from all areas of the university. There is no grade point average that guarantees acceptance to Q+. The selection committee considers each application based on its individual merits.

Criteria for the selection of applicants include the following:

  • Scholastic curiosity and passion for knowledge,
  • Interest in interdisciplinary engagement,
  • A high level of motivation and aptitude,
  • Quality of academic achievements,
  • Engagement in social and community issues, as well as extracurricular interests.

All applicants receive a notification by email as to whether their application was accepted or rejected.


The application deadline for each semester is the last day of the lecture period. To join during summer semester 2024, apply until February 10, 2024.

For questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the Q+ team at