The Q+ program is home to a continually growing community of open-minded and curious individuals who want to know more. The Q+ community forges bridges between society and academia. Members include students and instructors from the JGU and external institutions that are instrumental in making Mainz the center of science and research that it is, as well as other cooperation partners who shape culture and society.

For current impressions of Q+ courses and community events, you can follow the Q+ student representatives Instagram account here (in German).

Members of Q+ not only learn alongside each other – they learn from each other. This is why discussion and exchange are so essential in the Q+ student community. Disciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation is not limited to shared seminars, projects, or field trips – this scholarly exchange also takes place outside of the classroom at our regular Q+ Salons and other events.

We would be delighted to welcome to our program. If you are not (yet) a Q+ student and you would like to speak with us or other Q+ students about their experience, just send us an email at We will be happy to provide you with information about upcoming events.

More than 200 instructors from nearly every department at the JGU have opened their courses to Q+ students, or have created innovative formats for Q+ students with the help of the Q+ team. If you’re thinking about giving free reign to your creativity with Q+, working with other instructors and/or our cooperation partners to conceptualize a course, please get in touch with us. More information on offering a course is available here. If you would like to speak with other Q+ instructors, let us know and we will be happy to put you in touch.
Q+ currently partners with regional research institutions include

Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz

Hochschule Mainz

Institute for Molecular Biology Mainz

Leibniz Institute of European History

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

TRON - Translational Oncology Mainz

Our goal is to make available the resources offered by the city of Mainz – as a center of science and learning –to students at the JGU.

Cooperation with external partners enables Q+ to build bridges not only between students and instructors at the JGU, but also between business and culture. It is thanks to this networking that new approaches are found to address questions of societal relevance. Our cooperation partners also benefit from working with Q+ students, who represent all disciplinary backgrounds at the JGU. These students bring fresh perspectives to bear on kinds of work being done every day at cooperation partners. So far, field trips, fireside chats, internships, exhibitions, theatrical plays, and workshops have come out of these cooperative partnerships.

If you’re thinking about developing a course format for Q+, please do get in touch with us.

Our cooperation partners have included:

Bauhaus Dessau

Boston Baroque

Buja Sans Tabou

Centre for Criminology

Clemens Bechtel (independent director)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychoanalyse, Psychosomatik und Tiefenpsychologie RLP

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH

European Central Bank

German Institut for Japanese Studies, Tokyo

German Primate Center Göttingen

Grünewald*Baum Bestattungen 

Hessian State Theater of Wiesbaden

Hochschule Geisenheim

Jobimpuls Media GmbH

Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

The Jewish Community of Mainz

Kunsthalle Mainz

Landeskriminalamt Rheinland-Pfalz

Landeszentrale Politische Bildung Rheinland Pfalz

Maxi Obexer (author)

medica mondiale

Naturhistorisches Museum Mainz

Naturpark Rhein-Taunus

Rheingau Music Festival

Smart Factory KL e.V.

Summer School Südtirol - Neues Institut für Dramatisches Schreiben

The Picador Guest Professorship for Literature

Technisches Hilfwerk, Landesverband RLP, Hessen, Saarland

Villa Vigoni

Vogelsang IP gemeinnützige GmbH

ZDF zoom