Study Program Q+

Are you ready to join us in Mainz, to take the road less traveled, and to forge connections between academic disciplines? Are you someone who thinks outside the box? Are you someone who always wants to know more? Are you looking to broaden your intellectual horizons?

Then you have come to the right place!

Q+ is a study program where you can give free reign to your creativity and shed light on complex questions in an interdisciplinary context. You will take part in Q+ courses and events that have been specifically conceptualized for the program, learning from prominent professors and internationally renowned researchers in small group settings. You will discover select cross-listed seminars and lectures from other departments at the university open to Q+ students. You will get exclusive insight into current research projects being conducted by professors at JGU during research-based internships. In addition to all of this, you will also have the opportunity to attend (international) conferences.

Become part of the Q+ Community and expand your horizons with students from all disciplinary backgrounds at the university. Work together on projects and in seminars, and discuss the findings of your work at our Q+ end-of-the-semester conference.

The Q+ study program is an add-on program to your normal degree program designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The program is open to applicants from the second semester of study in your normal degree program, allowing you to participate in Q+ from the third semester onwards.
At this time, we are currently in the trial phase of the program and we welcome your open feedback. Successful completion of the program leads to a certificate with a transcript of your achievements.

More detail on the Q+ course of studies is available here.

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