Study Program Q+ received initial funding from Gutenberg Lehrkolleg for a five year conceptualization and trial period. In the meantime, the JGU Senate gave final approval to Q+ on July 5th, 2019, already one and a half years before the end of the trial period. Starting in 2021, Q+ will be a permanent part of JGU’s higher education programs.

The legal and organizational framework for Q+’s operation is formed by the study and examination regulations that became effective in August 2019: „Ordnung der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz für das Studium und die Prüfungen im Studienprogramm Q+“ (in German).

These rules also define the duties of the Q+ Steering Committee, which together with the Q+ Office is responsible for quality assurance and further development of the program, among other tasks. In addition, the steering committee appoints a selection commission which decides on the admission of students. The Q+ Office handles daily business, communication, and coordinates all administrative processes, including management of courses and exams.

The minutes of Q+ Steering Committee meetings can be viewed here (JGU login; in German).


Q+ Office

Dr. Doris LindnerProject LeadStudy Program Q+
Dr. Christian KnöpplerProject StaffStudy Program Q+
Julia Reichenpfader, M.A. Project StaffStudy Program Q+

Chair Q+ Steering Committee

NameFunction Faculty
Univ.-Prof. Rainer EmigProfessor for English Literature and Culture StudiesFB 05 - Department of English and Linguistics

Vice-Chair Q+ Steering Committee

Name FunctionFaculty
Univ.-Prof. Helen May-SimeraPrincipal Investigator AG May-SimeraFB 10 - Institute of Molecular Physiology

Members Q+ Steering Commitee

Univ.-Prof. Mareike AltgassenProfessor for Developmental PsychologyFB 02 - Department of Psychology
Dr. rer. nat. Nuri BlachnikInstitute AdministrationFB 09 - Institute of Physical Chemistry
Univ.-Prof. Reyn van EwijkChair of Statistics and EconometricsFB 03 - Gutenberg School of Management and Economics
Vincent HupfauerStudent History (B.A.)FB 07 - Department of History
Magnus MaidhofStudent Communication (M.A.)FB 02 - Department of Communication
Dr. Frank ObenlandAcademic Councilor American StudiesFB 05 - Department of English and Linguistics
Univ.-Prof. Birger PetersenProfessor for Music TheoryMainz School of Music
Saskia PluraStudent Physics (M.Sc.)FB 08 - Institute of Physics
Univ.-Prof. Christine WaldeProfessor for Latin StudiesFB 07 - Institute for Ancient Studies
Univ.-Prof. Ysette WeissProfessor for Didactics of Mathematics FB 08 - Institute for Mathematics
Dr. Verena von WiczlinskiAcademic Councilor Department of HistoryFB 07 - Department of History

The student representatives in the steering commitee are elected by the Q+ student body and can be reached for questions and suggestions: Dennis Hippe - Samira Mahi Moussa - Adam Will